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I made this for lunch for my mom when she visited in August.  We had saved a hunk of pancetta for her visit but after calculating the meals we had planned out, using the pancetta was looking unlikely–until I realized our need for a light lunch.  Ironic but true, pancetta would be the star of this light meal.

The dressing has a strong, smoky flavor (even though pancetta is not smoked).  Sturdy romaine is ideal, both for its texture and its light flavor.  Adding croutons or caramelized onions might put this salad over the top, but the simple recipe is enough on its own.

Pancetta Vinaigrette
~2oz pancetta, cubed tiny
~1 tsp mustard
~1 tsp balsamic vinegar

Over medium heat cook pancetta.  When cooked, turn heat to low to continue to render the fat.  Transfer pancetta and fat to a heat-safe bowl.  Whisk in mustard and vinegar.  Thin with oil if necessary.  Of course, you can be creative with what you add to the pancetta.


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