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I think the good bloggers of the blogosphere maintain readership and interest by blogging often. Our current strategy of blogging only real highlights — food accompanied with recipes and photos and a fun story — just doesn’t seem sustainable as I see our readership dropping. Though we did get a remarkable number of hits this past Sunday despite having not posted in over a week, I would hate to see our blog fall into the recesses of failed creative projects. So despite the occasional lack of inspiration and the frequent writers’ block, here’s to a renewed commitment to social media!

As a new experiment in blogging sans recipe and photos, consider the following food for thought:

“I regard taking out the garbage as part of the daily tedium of life, and it is something I leave, whenever possible, for other household members to do.  Of course, I am wrong.  Taking out the garbage should be viewed as a daily sacrament, for garbage in itself is a sign of provision.  Potato peelings, apple cores, and squash seeds are silent witnesses that our Father is still feeding us.  So garbage is not a tedious detail but a divine blessing.  We can miss that because it is so routine.  I guess our problem is that we don’t think theologically about garbage.”

I’m infinitely fortunate that my husband and former roommates have been closer to this view of garbage than I. The happy consequence? I haven’t taken out garbage in years!!


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For all of my grumbling and complaining about the cold, wet rain of spring, take a look at what has sprung forth in our little neck of the woods! I headed out for a bit of a half-hearted run the other day to take my mind off my ever so stressful end of the semester duties and was so fully rejuvenated by the glory of spring, I sprinted home to grab the husband and a camera for an indulgent jaunt through the neighborhood. It’s going to be a beauty, this spring…

One of the highlights of this spring will be the M&A wedding through which the wedding cake project came into being. (For the curious, the frosting cry for help was resolved with a bit more Internet research and the help of some very experienced consultants. Instead of whipping together the egg whites and adding the butter to it, reversing the process makes an unimaginable difference.) We had a big celebratory dinner party the other night to welcome one friend home from an extensive stint in Cambodia, to celebrate another friend’s medical school successes, and to bid an early farewell to a third friend leaving for Ecuador for a year.

Another highlight is that our very good friend Amy al-Zarqawi has just returned from an extended stay in Jordan. She came up to New Haven for the weekend and we stuffed her full of cheese and carbs in classic Amy fashion. Lots of mac and cheese, bucatini carbonara, pancakes for breakfast, and a deep rich chocolate cake.

A final highlight — I finished my first year of grad school this past Saturday! No more homework! No more books! No more teachers’ dirty looks! That is… until May 17th, when my summer semester begins again. Sigh. I am thoroughly excited for the respite for now, though, since I have people to see and wedding cakes to make!

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